Qwizzeria Daily #460

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1. Marie Louise was an Austrian archduchess who reigned as Duchess of Parma from 1814 until she died in 1847. From 1810 to 1814, she was an Empress owing to her marriage to which person?

2. His book Men and Powers is an account of a German chancellor (1974-1982) and his meetings and diplomacy with some of the world’s most powerful leaders. Who?

3. In 1960, upon the proposal of the Slovenian electrical engineer France Avcin, the unit of magnetic induction/magnetic flux density is named after which pioneer of electrical engineering?

4. Under the 25th amendment of the US constitution, who became the first person to be appointed as the vice-president, an office he served nine months before getting a step-up in his field?

5. This British born American stand-up comedian holds the record for being the host of the Oscars 19 times. Who? – (PIC) 


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