Qwizzeria Daily #461

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1. At 234m, the Leonardo is the tallest tower in the entire African continent (as of Aug 2021). In which country is it located?

2. Hans Lippershey’s 17th-century invention of an instrument revolutionised sailing and exploration. For what invention is he commonly associated with?

3. In 2019, Brigid Kosgei shattered the women’s marathon record by 81 seconds, thereby breaking whose record that stood for 16 years?

4. In which country’s flag would you find these stars – Canopus, Spica, Hydra, Crux Australis, Sigma Octantis, Triangulum Australe, Scorpius, Procyon, and the constellation Canis Major?

5. Metastasis is a TV series that was first aired in 2014. It is a Colombian remake of what U.S. TV show? – (PIC)


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