Qwizzeria Daily #459

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1. What three-letter prefix, Gaelic for ‘son’, is used to family names often appearing in Irish and Scottish names?

2. This animated sitcom, set in prehistoric times, was one of the first instances an animated series was broadcast in a prime-time slot. Which series?

3. This team has won nine World Series championships, with the latest win being in 2018. What baseball team endured an 86-year wait before winning the world championship in 2004 (Curse of Bambino)?

4. What food blend (in powdered form) originating from the Indian subcontinent takes its name because of its properties to elevate body temperature, from the root word meaning ‘heating the body’?

5. What act of Judas to Jesus is a signal to arrest Jesus, which became the basis for the term “the _____ of Judas”? Fill in the blank. Caravaggio’s painting, ‘The Taking of Christ,’ depicts the event. (PIC)


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