Qwizzeria Daily #455

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1. This TV sitcom is shot in a mockumentary style. One of the inspirations for the show is a Swedish movie director, who formerly was a foreign exchange student in actor Ty Burrell’s home, was shooting a documentary on the American family. What TV series? Modern Family

2. What regular feature of the TV news programmes was experimentally broadcasted in 1936 and was brought into practice in 1949 on BBC TV? Televised Weather forecasts

3. The first woman to appear on the front of U.S. paper currency was on a $1 silver certificate first printed in 1886. She was the wife of which U.S President? George Washington (Martha Washington)

4. The Numismatist is a monthly magazine that is primarily aimed at people having what interest? Coin/Medals/Money collectibles

5. Roberta Bondar was the first female astronaut from which country to fly in space? Canada


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