Qwizzeria Daily #454

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1. In which capital city can you ride a ferry on the Chao Phraya River and dine at restaurants along Khao San Road?

2. Derived from the Latin prefix meaning ‘away’, what muscle in the human body pulls a limb away from the body’s central line?

3. At the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, he raced to double glory in his famous golden spikes. He was known as ‘Superman’ during his playing career and once did wear a shirt bearing the comic book character’s ‘S’ on a victory lap. Who?

4. Established by the Government of Spain in 1991 and located in several countries, after which writer is the organization with the mission to promote Spanish language teaching and the Spanish culture, named?

5. One of the earlier guest-starring roles of which popular actress was ‘Kat Peterson’ in the second season of That 70’s Show? – PIC


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