Qwizzeria Daily #456

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Good luck!


1. What was commissioned in 1296 by King Edward I, and since then, it has been used by British monarchs and contained the Scottish Stone of Destiny until 1996 before it was returned to Scotland?

2. What is the name of this author and former stockbroker? The movies “Boiler Room” (2000) and “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013) are based on his life.

3. Shemot, Va’eira, Bo, Beshalach, Yitro, Mishpatim, Terumah, Tezaveh, Ki Tissa, Vayakhel and Pekudei are the weekly portions talks explicitly about the second book of the Bible that follows Genesis. What book?

4. In the Southwestern Tagalog Region, of which country will you find the Calauit Safari Park? The park imported animals from Africa and opened its doors to the public in 1976.

5. Name the painter! (PIC)


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