Qwizzeria Daily #121

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. John Dryden’s play All for Love imitated which Shakespeare work about a pair of historical lovers?

2. The economic grouping C.I.V.E.T.S., a name coined in late 2009 by Robert Ward. What country in the Americas is represented by the C?

3. What German car brand (East German to be precise) gets its name from the Middle High German word meaning “satellite/companion”? The name was inspired by the Soviet Sputnik satellite.

4. Which actress was to play a character in the movie The Flintstones that even bears her full name, but turned it down as she was already working on the 1994 action film, The Specialist? Eventually, Halle Berry won the part after a screen test.

5. If you thought Hadrian’s Wall was the end of it, which wall of fortification was built by the Romans that happened to be the northernmost frontier barrier of the Roman empire. It is named after the Roman emperor who ordered its construction in AD 142? (PICTURE)


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