Qwizzeria Daily #120

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Here are the five questions –

1. The first in the list is Maurice Trintignant (1955), and who, in 2020 became the latest driver to join this list that currently has 13 members (including the driver in question)?

2. Developed by his family in conjunction with Privateer Holdings in Seattle, after which music legend is the world’s first global cannabis brand named?

3. Bruce D. Henderson was the founder of what consulting company? It was started in 1963 as a consulting branch for a bank. With time, the business expanded to other areas and the company is famous for its managerial tools such as ‘Growth-Share Matrix’.

4. Which former Hollywood couple met on the sets of Days of Thunder, acted as an on-screen pair in two other movies – Far & Away and a 1999 controversial movie?

5. Which artist designed this 1944 cover for Vogue? (PICTURE)


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