Qwizzeria Daily #122

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Here are the five questions –

1. Which is the only football host nation to have lost the FIFA Men’s World Cup final (against Brazil) and never to have won it (to date)?

2. The line “seven years has gone so fast” is from what 2004 song? It is a reference to Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt’s band, Sweet Children, formed seven years after Armstrong’s father died.

3. In Post Renaissance, many European banks issued porcelain ‘borrower’s tiles’ to their creditworthy customers. The tile had the owner’s name, credit limit, and other relevant details. Each time customer wanted to borrow money, he had to present the tile to check the remaining balance. Which term (in the context of insolvency) originated if someone went over the credit limit?

4. Mary Anne Evans was the real name of this 19th century British novelist known for her novels such as Silas Marner and Middlemarch. Under what pseudonym did she write?

5. Which animated TV comedy series was released in 2016 on Netflix and was based on characters created by Ben Stiller? It is also notable for being Jerry Stiller’s final voice role before his death in 2020. (PICTURE)


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