Qwizzeria Daily #102

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Here are the five questions!

1. In Ancient Greece, people thought this precious stone could cure excessive drinking. Its name translates to ‘not drunk’. What precious stone?

2. In June 2016 the Third Set of Locks Project was completed that doubled the capacity of an important waterway. On what body of water was the Third Set of Locks Project completed?

3. At the request of the US Government in 1924, what change (or what was added) was made to the then-existing salt sold commercially by the Morton Salt Company?

4. Anna Sewell was an unknown person living in the 19th century England. She is recognised for the only novel she wrote, about a young stallion told from the horses’ point of view. What novel?

5. Which British conductor conducted the ‘Chariots of Fire’ segment (ya ya, the same one with Rowan Atkinson) during the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony? (PICTURE)


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