Qwizzeria Daily #103

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Here are the five questions

1. Songs of Experience is the 14th studio album that was released in Dec 2017. It follows the previous album, Songs of Innocence that was released in 2014. Which Irish music band released these two albums?

2. Slide rules were popular for mathematical calculations until this company introduced a mass-produced hand-held calculator for under $25 in 1976 that signalled the demise of the slide rule. What company?

3. While many in the medical field can undertake this task, a phlebotomist is trained specifically for a task. What is the function of a phlebotomist? (I had to encounter one yesterday, nothing to worry, it was for an annual routine)

4. In the English speaking world, it is known as Dutch gin. It is a traditional liquor of the Netherlands and Belgium, from which the gin evolved. Its name in Dutch is derived from the primary flavouring spice plant. Which flavouring plant?

5. Her portrayal of Melanie Hamilton in Gone With The Wind earned her an Oscar nomination. She has won two Oscars for Best Actress in a Leading Role and was the oldest surviving Academy Award winner until her death on 26 July 2020. Who? (PICTURE)


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