Qwizzeria Daily #9

A new week, and here are the five questions to keep you company 🙂


1. Dr. James Maas wrote a best-selling book on sleep in 1997 and is widely known for coining what related two-word term?

2. Who became the first actor to win the Best Actor Oscar for playing a U.S. President?

3. At 163.63 meters above sea level, its highest point is Bukit Timah Hill which translates to ‘Hill of Tin’. Its longest river is called Seletar and is just 14km long. Which country?

4. In 2017, Roger Federer became the first 17-seed to win a Grand Slam title since which player, who won the 2002 US Open in what turned out to be his final major appearance?

5. This photograph was taken in 1987 by Stane Jerko. Name this former model, in the news for the last five years? (PICTURE)













1. Power Nap

2. Daniel Day-Lewis

3. Singapore

4. Pete Sampras

5. Melania Trump


Image Credit: © Stane Jerko

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