Qwizzeria Daily #8

These questions are what I call – Think, Guess, and Check the answer. We spend a lot of time reading many things, so, I won’t be taking too much of your time, not more than two minutes.

Here are today’s five questions –

1. In 2016, Britain’s Royal Mail issued a set of special postage stamps to mark the 400th death anniversary of which famous personality?

2. Before Rio 2016, what was the last instance of a Summer Olympics edition being held at a city which is not a national capital?

3. Which soup, popular worldwide (or at least in English speaking world), derives its name from the Tamil word meaning pepper water?

4. What word commonly used in day-to-day businesses and in media houses derives its origin from a US civil prison camp where this word was used to denote the prison boundary?

5. This is a scene from the 2005 movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Whose role is the actress Charlotte Graham playing? (PICTURE)











1. William Shakespeare

2. Sydney in 2000

3. Mulligatawny

4. Deadline

5. Mary Magdalene

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