Qwizzeria Daily #10

Ten Tenaaaaaaaa… Here are the five (and not ten) questions from the 10th edition of Qwizzeria daily!


1. On 01 June 2017, who published a paper titled, ‘Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species’, highlighting his plans for future colonisation of Mars?

2. The process in which bacteria in food and drink, such as milk, are reduced through heating it up to temperatures below the boiling point, is named after which 1822-born biologist?

3. There are two countries in the world that are doubly landlocked (requires at least two national borders to reach a coastline). Name both the countries.

4. The Gulf Cooperation Council is a political and economic union of six countries that are situated in the Persian Gulf. Which is the smallest country (size) in this?

5. This is an actual house exchange website called homeexchange.com. In which 2006 Hollywood movie does this website play a small but prominent role? (PICTURE)









1. Elon Musk

2. Louis Pasteur

3. Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein

4. Bahrain

5. The Holiday

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