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Do you like quizzes? Of course, you do; Qwizzeria hosts a weekly quiz that’s live on its FB page. Six rounds of quizzing and each round has a unique theme. You can play this quiz alone or play as a team with your friends and colleagues.

When: Every Tuesday at 20.30 (CEST)


Each month Qwizzeria will publish a monthly quiz with 100 questions of varying topics in the middle-highbrow range. The quiz will be international and will be part of the league rankings published at the end of each month. If you wish to play as a group in your respective city/country, do contact me.

If you wish to play as an individual, you use one of these options to play the monthly quiz and be part of the rankings.


HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, SPORTS – Qwizzeria will publish four themed quizzes (20 questions per theme) per month exclusively for its gold and platinum members. If you wish to receive these questions monthly, choose one of these options.