Logo of Google

Every Friday Google Switzerland hosts a wide range of activities for their employees. One such is a general knowledge quiz hosted by Qwizzeria. It happens periodically. If you are a Google employee, follow the Qwizzeria calendar closely for the next event.

Logo of Ernst and Young

Quiz as a team bonding activity as a part of their corporate activities over an informal gathering of their employees. New quizzes are announced by EY Zurich and on Qwizzeria calendar.


Logo of FIFA Museum

The world of football will be a venue for periodic quizzes on world football. This quiz is open to the public. Stay tuned for events which will appear on the calendar frequently.



In 2016, Qwizzeria researched and hosted an inter-cultural quiz at an offsite event for a team of Swiss Re employees. Qwizzeria also produced a knowledge booklet for a special evening. Any future events are announced on Qwizzeria website and to specific participants at Swiss Re.

It is safe to say, since 2014, AISTS in partnership with Qwizzeria hosts the largest sports quiz in Switzerland. This is an annual event that takes place in October in Lausanne. If you are an enthusiast working for the sports industry, do not miss this event. This entry to this event is through invitation.

Logo of Mc Gees

Trivia Thursdays is a weekly pub quiz night created by Qwizzeria exclusively for McGee’s Irish Pub, Zurich. The quiz takes place at 8 pm and there are fun prizes to be won. Bear in mind, every second Thursday of the month, there won’t be a pub quiz. Please refer to the calendar for the future dates.


Logo of Shamrock

Every Sunday at 8 pm, Shamrock Irish Pub, Zurich hosts a pub quiz. Qwizzeria is one of the hosts for the Sunday pub quiz. Please refer to the calendar for the dates on which Qwizzeria hosts at Shamrock Irish Pub.

Logo of Mr Pickwick

Each month, the Mr.Pickwick Irish Pub branch in Zug is the place for a pub quiz night. The event takes place on Wednesdays at 7 pm. Please refer to the calendar for the exact date.


Logo of Newly Swissed

Newly Swissed is Switzerland’s most happening online travel magazine in English. Qwizzeria creates regular quiz columns on topics related to Switzerland.


Logo of Namaste Switzerland

Namaste Switzerland is your one-stop guide for information pertaining to India and Switzerland. ‘Matter of Fact’ is a weekly column wherein ‘trivia’ about India and Switzerland is published. Qwizzeria also hosts online quiz contests regularly with participants stand a chance to win an exciting prize(s).

Logo of SLB

In 2016, on the occasion of Women’s day, Qwizzeria created a quiz for the social start-up Sexy Little Bag.

In 2016, Elephbo partnered with Qwizzeria to create an online quiz for a week to promote the quality wallets and bags produced by Elephbo.