Benefits of Learning 

There is an old saying that knowledge is power. Today, that is truer than ever. The fact is the world is filled to the brim with information, and many people suffer from information overload. When it comes to learning and gaining knowledge, there are too many different sources and quite frankly, searching for what you need to know can be intimidating and quite a turn-off.

The process of learning and gaining knowledge is something that all ages should strive for. Regardless of whether you are 5 or 50, 9 or 90, knowledge is what keeps your brain engaged and working; it provides purpose, allowing you the health benefits that come with stimulating your brain.

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Why Qwizzeria

Learning is the currency of today’s age. Qwizzeria believes in the science of ‘learning through Qwizzing’. Easy to customise, Qwizzeria can be consulted for professional, academic and entertainment purposes.

Struggling with an academic subject, or having difficulty at the corporate knowledge transfer exercises, or provide entertainment to your colleagues or customers, Qwizzeria has answers to your queries and will work closely with you in identifying the solutions. Find out more on what Qwizzeria can offer.

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About Rajan

Photo of Rajan ThambehalliRajan Thambehalli is the founder and the main researcher of Qwizzeria and he is based out of Zurich, Switzerland. Since childhood, Rajan has been collecting facts, taking part in quiz competitions and this long journey of learning, travelling and working in different areas inspired to start ‘Qwizzeria’.

Besides Qwizzing and knowledge consulting, Rajan works closely in the area of sports, backstage theater, writes on Switzerland, travels, movies and has previously worked as a chemical engineer.

His interests keep adding by the day and he states these two reasons for staying motivated – learning something new periodically and to face the challenges head-on outside his comfort zone.

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