Qwizzeria Daily #969

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1. Which American Abstract Expressionist painter was known as Jack the Dripper? Jackson Pollock

2. What South American country’s women’s football team is nicknamed “Las Cafeteras” or “The Coffee Growers.” also known by another name, The Powerpuff Girls? Colombia

3. Which contemporary subculture of people who are often characterised by wearing black clothing, having dyed black hair, wearing dramatic black make-up, and enjoying rock music, are named after a Germanic people that once invaded the Holy Roman Empire? Goths

4. From 1991 to 1993, J. K. Rowling lived in this European country previously ruled by a dictator (from 1932 to 1968). The dictator lent his name to one of the darker characters in the Harry Potter series. Which character? Salazar Slytherin

5. The name of which clothing item takes its name from an Italian island located near Naples? (VISUAL) Capri


05 January 2023 @ 19.30 (CET) – Trivia Thursdays.  More details here

08 January 2023 @ 19.00 (CET) – The Sunday Pub Quiz. More deta

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