Qwizzeria Daily #915

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Good luck!


1. Located in Beeston, Leeds, what is the home ground of the Premier League football club, Leeds United?

2. Fresh from the F1 press, which German car manufacturer has agreed with Sauber to make the Swiss Formula 1 operation their works team from 2026?

3. Gitega is the second largest city and the current political capital of which African country? It replaced Bujumbura as the political capital in January 2019.

4. What tradition of Sikhism was initiated in 1699 by Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru, that provided a long-term political and religious vision for the Sikh community? It takes its name from the Arabic meaning to be pure/to be true/to be free form.

5. The Winchesters, which premiered in Oct 2022, is a prequel to what dark fantasy drama created by Eric Kripke that concluded in 2020 after 327 episodes? (VISUAL)


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