Qwizzeria Daily #909

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Good luck!


1. In 1900, the Wingfoot symbol for which company was chosen after the founder, Frank Seiberling, was inspired by a statue of the Greek god Hermes. Which company?

2. In which Belgian city was the peace treaty between the USA and Great Britain signed in 1814? At that time, this current Belgian city was part of the short-lived United Netherlands. Which city?

3. To celebrate his 200th birth anniversary (May 05 2018), the German city of Trier added his depiction on the traffic lights. Who?

4. What artist made a 1964 black and white film that featured Batman, which was screened only at his art exhibits as he had not sought permission from DC Comics? It was titled Batman Dracula.

5. Whose Playboy membership form is this? He was a Governor of Georgia before becoming the President of the United States. (VISUAL)


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