Qwizzeria Daily #905

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Good luck!


1. New Zealand’s first-ever gold medal at the Winter Olympics came from snowboarder Zoi Sadowski-Synnott. But in which discipline?

2. The ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet or Bast was often depicted with the head of which domestic creature?

3. Cadbury’s Heroes collection of miniature chocolates was introduced in 1999 as a rival to what Mars product?

4. What six-letter word is entered in the Oxford English Dictionary and is defined as “a photograph of oneself taken immediately before or after a vaccination, especially one against Covid-19, and typically shared on social media”?

5. Which town in the Plessur region of Graubünden is known for its summer and winter tourist resort? It has been linked by cable car with Lenzerheide since 2013. (VISUAL)


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