Qwizzeria Daily #889

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Good luck!


1. Known as the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, what is the expansion of the letter ‘J’ in the name Mary J. Blige?

2. The name of which country comes from the Old Slavic term meaning “next to the border”?

3. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the first document to detail the fundamental human rights that must be protected. It was proclaimed by the General Assembly of which organisation in 1948?

4. Brazil could not afford to send a team to the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles; instead, it decided to send athletes on a ship full of which commodity? The athletes sold this commodity along the way to fund their journey.

5. Who won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for playing Mona Lisa Vito in the 1992 film My Cousin Vinny? (VISUAL)


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