Qwizzeria Daily #877

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Good luck!


1. The 2022 regular season MVP was won by A’ja Wilson, while the finals MVP was won by Chelsea Gray. Which WNBA team did they play for?

2. Also known as the National Foundation Day, what is the official Korean name for this, and the name literally translates to The Day the sky opened, referring to 03 October as the date for the founding of the Korean people state (Gojoseon state)?

3. Ronald Goldman was the lesser known murder victim in 1994, and the person involved in the murder was acquitted in 1995 and later found liable in a 1997 civil lawsuit. Who?

4. What single-celled organism that doesn’t have a nucleus takes its name from the Greek words meaning before and ‘nut/kernel’?

5. In which city would you find the Beer and the Oktoberfest museum? (VISUAL)


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