Qwizzeria Daily #861

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Good luck!


1. What domestic animal from the bovine family is commonly trained as a working animal and is widely castrated to make it easier to control?

2. The Last Dance is a 2020 mini-series that revolves around players from a particular team, focusing on the 1997-98 NBA season. Which team?

3. On their 2013 debut, the hip-hop group Migos says the name of which Italian fashion house 163 times? A Drake remix of this song made it even more popular.

4. Medico Della Peste is one of the most recognised masks in a city’s Carnival. The mask didn’t start as a carnival mask but was used by the plague doctor to stop preventing the disease. Which city?

5. Halloween is weeks away. Here is artist Weeknd dressed up as which fictional character, a timid chemistry teacher who discovers a magical potion? (VISUAL)


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