Qwizzeria Daily #858

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Here is the link for today’s quiz, the 858th edition of Qwizzeria Daily. And, if you need questions (in the text) for yesterday’s quiz, scroll down.


Good luck!


1. The band McFly is named after the character played by Michael J Fox in which film trilogy?

2. A decade ago, Barack Obama beat which Republican candidate in the 2012 U.S. presidential election to win his second term?

3. French-born Esther Duflo is the second woman to win the Nobel prize in Economics. Who was the first woman with this honour?

4. The Tarahumara or Rarámuri people are indigenous people renowned for their ability to run long distances. From which country?

5. As a small-town Pennsylvania detective, Kate Winslet made a return to TV in 2021. Which show? (VISUAL)


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