Qwizzeria Daily #836

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Good luck!


1. Which multi-national power management company bought Tripp Lite, an electrical products manufacturer, in 2021? It was founded in 1911 by Joseph Oriel _____ II and Viggo Torbensen.

2. The ‘deep-minded’ is the name given to which 9th-century settler (Ketilsdottir) during the period of Settlement of Iceland? In the fifth season of the TV series The Vikings, Leah McNamara plays a role loosely based on this person.

3. A barcarolle is a traditional folk song sung by the gondoliers of which city?

4. Hamal is the brightest star in which zodiacal constellation? The Sun transits this constellation from approximately March 20 to April 21 each year.

5. Which English striker, with 52 goals, is currently second on the all-time list of England’s top goal scorers in international football behind Wayne Rooney? She announced her retirement days after winning the women’s Euro competition. (VISUAL)


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