Qwizzeria Daily #830

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1. In Richard Wagner’s opera cycle, Ring of the Nibelung, which playful god of Norse mythology, is depicted as an ally of the gods, although he hates them and eventually turns into fire and destroys Valhalla, thereby eliminating the Gods. Who?

2. Among the English football clubs to have won the UEFA Champions League final (European Cup included), which club has won the title six times?

3. In 2006, which modern-day country was formed after it declared its independence, thereby severing 80-plus years of union with its neighbouring country?

4. How many letters are in the modern and classical Greek alphabet? It is the same number as the number of chapters into which Homer’s Odyssey and Illiad came to be divided.

5. This painting by Cristiano Banti depicts a trial on charges of heresy, an act acknowledged as a mistake centuries later. Who is the subject of this Roman inquisition? (PIC)


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