Qwizzeria Daily #826

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Good luck!


1. What Ocean was first sighted by the Spanish explorer Vasco de Balboa in 1513, who named it “Mar del Sur” (South Sea)? Magellan gave it a different name.

2. The first part features a tie, the second part features a Venetian mask, and the third features either a key or a pair of handcuffs. These are the original covers for which trilogy?

3. The photos of Novak Djokovic boarding the flight out of Tullamarine Airport made headlines worldwide in Jan 2022. In which city is Tullamarine Airport located?

4. JUICE is an interplanetary spacecraft developed by ESA and Airbus Defence and Space as the main contractor. It is intended to study which planet?

5. An animated character known as Mr DNA was first introduced in what 1993 film? Mr DNA makes a second appearance in a 2015 sequel to this film. – PIC


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