Qwizzeria Daily #824

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Good luck!


1. This term used in card games originates from the Italian word for ‘sword’. What word?

2. After the release of which 2000 movie, the job applications for FedEx went up by 30%?

3. In the Valiant Comics series, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Turok meets Professor Darwin Challenger, a descendant of Professor George Edward Challenger, who accompanies him during his several adventures. Darwin bears a strong resemblance to his ancestor in both character and appearance. The question is, which writer created the character of Professor George Edward Challenger?

4. In contrast to the word “snail”, what is the common name for any gastropod mollusc with no shell, a significantly reduced cover, or only a small internal shell?

5. This biennial men’s golf competition is named after the English businessman who donated the trophy. What trophy? (VISUAL)


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