Qwizzeria Daily #819

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Good luck!


1. Larry Crowne was a 2011 light-hearted movie with the lead actor juggling many roles, like co-writer, producer and film director. If it helps, the lead actress was Julia Roberts. Which actor?

2. Which 19th-century sporting event was financed by the sale of souvenir stamps and medals and the donation of money by a wealthy Greek businessman, Georgios Averoff?

3. What day was first celebrated in 1988 in a San Francisco-based interactive science museum and featured a circular parade and lots of fruit pies?

4. This word comes from the OLD French, meaning brave, fierce, and strong. Since the 17th century, the term has been used to describe a particular alcoholic beverage. Name this five-letter word.

5. Name this flower chosen as the official floral in Hiroshima, as it was the first to bloom after the 1945 nuclear disaster? (VISUAL)


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