Qwizzeria Daily #813

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Good luck!


1. In the show Game of Thrones, a golden rose on a green field is the sigil of what house? Lord Luthor ______ was the head of this house, but the audience remembers the name through his widow Olenna Redwyne, known as the Queen of Thorns, a reference to the sigil and her barbed comments.

2. Nabeul, a coastal town in northeastern Tunisia, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, gets its name from the Arabisation of what Greek word?

3. Stephan’s Quintet, one of the first compact galaxy groups ever discovered, is named after Édouard Stephan and visible in which constellation (named after a mythical creature)?

4. Also known as Wild Marjoram, what is the common name of this herb from the mint family that you usually associate with pizza?

5. Name this Canadian athlete who won the 100 and 200 metres gold medals at the 1928 Summer Olympics? (VISUAL)


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