Qwizzeria Daily #806

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Good luck!


1. What American writer dedicated much of The Innocents Abroad, chapter 23, to describe the curiosity of urban life in Venice, the Gondolas?

2. There are more than 187,000 lakes in this country. The largest lake is Lake Saimaa, and the deepest is Lake Paijanne. Which country?

3. What branch of science gets its name from the Latin word meaning ‘about the law or justice system’ because the law is a matter of public interest?

4. The Shakespearean quotes, In my mind’s eye, More in sorrow than in anger, Sweet, not lasting, The play’s the thing, The secrets of my prison house are featured in which play?

5. This American action crime drama premiered on television in 1976 and went on for five seasons. The photo is from the 2011 reboot of the original show. What show? (Pic)


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