Qwizzeria Daily #804

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Good luck!


1. The poison of hemlock claimed the life of Socrates. Which US state named after a person has hemlock as its state tree?

2. This historical book about an Asian country is divided into three parts: Mosque, Caves and Temple. Which book by E.M. Forester is this?

3. In the old Saxon language, this month was called Lentmonat, named for the gradual lengthening of days. How do we know this month in English?

4. This fictional character’s brother’s name is Castor ___, and her father’s name is Cole ___. Name this fictional character.

5. This watch was revolutionary for being the first automatic wristwatch and stylish for its square casing. Heuer released it in 1969 to honour a Grand Prix in the Formula One calendar; aptly, the watch name is known by that name. Which Grand Prix? – PIC


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