Qwizzeria Daily #798

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Good luck!


1. The fish breed of Pacific Regal Blue Tang is found commonly in the Indo-Pacific region. It has been in the news since 2016 due to its presence in a movie. Which movie?

2. Clara Immerwahr was the wife of Nobel prize winner Fritz Haber. She was the first woman to be awarded a doctorate in Germany. In which subject?

3. Which financial sector company was founded in 1882 by three reporters: Charles ……, Edward ______, and Charles Bergstresser?

4. Which American state is nicknamed ‘Valentine State’ because it was admitted as a state of the USA on St. Valentine’s Day 1912?

5. This was a hoarding put up by a fan. “Maradona good, Pele better, _____ ____”- Fill the blank. (PIC)


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