Qwizzeria Daily #792

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Good luck!


1. What term was given by Andrew Miller, ESPNcricinfo’s UK editor, on an episode of the Switch Hit podcast recorded before England’s series against New Zealand last month to describe the positive style of play that McCullum’s old side had adopted under his captaincy?

2. Keeping up with the trends, on 28 Dec 2017, which Swiss ski resort region became the first to recognise payments with cryptocurrencies?

3. Anita Pallenberg, the Italian actress and model, was popularly known as the muse of an English band. She was romantically involved with two of the band members. One died in 1969, and with the other, she had three children. Which band?

4. This Aboriginal word means water breaking over rocks or the noise of water breaking over rocks. This is the origin of a popular place in New South Wales, Australia. Which place?

5. Apart from winning 16 Grand Slam titles (singles, doubles and mixed), she also has three Olympic medals in tennis (2 silvers and a bronze). Who? (PIC)


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