Qwizzeria Daily #790

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Good luck!


1. Which Indian athletics legend, nicknamed Payyoli Express, is the recent nominee to the Upper House of Indian Parliament, Rajya Sabha?

2. Tales from A Parallel Universe is the alternative title to a German-Canadian sci-fi series (1996-2002) starring Brian Downey, Michael McManus, and Xenia Seeberg, with Jeffrey Hirshfield voicing the robot character 790. Which series?

3. According to Icelandic sagas, what five-letter name is given to the Irish monks who took hermetic residences in parts of land that is now Iceland before the advent of Norsemen?

4. Though it has no administrative subdivisions, for the ease of census, it is divided into eight regions, with Oranjestad being the capital. So name this ‘well-situated’ island?

5. Nicknamed the Queen of Italian Cinema, name this actress, winner of multiple awards, starred early in her career with Michelangelo Antonioni directed films? (VISUAL)


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