Qwizzeria Daily #787

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Good luck!


1. Eadberht III, a priest, was the King of which kingdom from 796 to 798? This kingdom in Southeast England was fully absorbed into the Kingdom of Wessex in the 9th century and subsequently into the Kingdom of England.

2. Who was the fifth Abbasid caliph from September 786 to March 809? His reign is believed to be the beginning of the Islamic Golden Age.

3. Which 2012 movie starring Akshay Kumar was the eighth film in the Khiladi series? It was released in Pakistan without the number mentioned in the original title for religious reasons.

4. In 2019, which U.S. politician admitted to using a secret Twitter account named “Pierre Delecto”? He said he used the Twitter account to monitor political discourse and occasionally defend himself.

5. What car brand’s advertisement was this? (PIC)


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