Qwizzeria Daily #750

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Good luck!


1. Which 1853-56 war is named after a peninsula between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov?

2. Which black-feathered bird was introduced in the 1937 cartoon Porky’s Duck Hunt?

3. “We are all riding the crest of the _____ wave,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary, which added 24 words of _____ origin to its latest edition in 2021. This is due to the popularity of the latest Netflix show and a boy band. Which language?

4. On March 17, 2015, Microsoft announced what new web browser would replace Internet Explorer as the default browser on its Windows 10 devices, with Internet Explorer having its final updates/releases in August 2020?

5. Opened in 1796, Kilmainham Gaol is a former prison (now a museum) in which capital city? (PIC)


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