Qwizzeria Daily #749

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1. In Sep 2021, the first edition of Frankenstein set a new world record for the sale of woman’s work at $1.17 million. Which writer wrote this book? Mary Shelley

2. First tested in 1800 and designed by American inventor Robert Fulton for the French Government, what is considered the first practical modern submarine? Nautilus

3. With its capital at Boa Vista, Roraima is the northernmost and least populated of which country’s 27 states? Brazil

4. Which goddess and wife of Zeus tried to kill an infant Heracles by putting two serpents in his cradle? Hera

5. Christmas on the Square, also known as _____ ______’s Christmas on the Square, won the 2021 Emmy for Outstanding Television Movie. Which entertainer’s name fills the blanks. Dolly Parton (PIC)


02 June 2022 @ 19.00 (CET) – Trivia Thursdays.  More details here

29 May 2022 @ 19.00 (CET) – The Sunday Pub Quiz. More details here

31 May 2022 @ 20.30 (CET) – The Qwizz Hour #107 – Six rounds, six connections – it’s free, and it’s online. More details here – Link

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