Qwizzeria Daily #744

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Good luck!


1. With major population centres at Diyarbakir and Van, what is the largest ethnic minority in Turkey?

2. In 2020, Jane Fraser was appointed as the CEO of which American bank with a global presence? She became the first woman to lead a major Wall Street bank.

3. Which European city hosts the international flower show Florissimo every three years but is more known for the mustard it produces?

4. In Asterix comics, Obelix’s catchphrase “These Romans are crazy!” could be rendered as “Sono pazzi questi Romani!”, i.e. SPQR, the Roman emblem. What is the Latin expansion of SPQR?

5. In the 2020 MTV Video Awards, who showed up in extravagant masked outfits (including several changes) and picked up five awards, more than any other artists? – PIC


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