Qwizzeria Daily #739

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Good luck!


1. Donald Trump cancelled a state visit to Denmark in August 2019 after Denmark refused to sell him what?

2. One day, an engineer accidentally rested his hot iron on his pen. This created a heat pressure; as a result, the ink in the pen ejected from the pen’s point. This ‘accident’ gave an idea that resulted in the invention of what device?

3. What US national park was signed into law in 1872, and it spans multiple states covering Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho?

4. Epinephrine also acts as a hormone in the body secreted by the adrenal gland. By what popular name do we know Epinephrine?

5. In November 2020, which country selected Francisco Sagasti as interim President after the previous interim, Manuel Merino, resigned? He was in office until 28 July 2021. (VISUAL)

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