Qwizzeria Daily #738

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Good luck!


1. The song Holland, 1945 from the group Neutral Milk hotel is about the story of a young girl living in the German-occupied Netherlands during World War II. Which girl?

2. Severnaya Zemlya is an archipelago explored in the early decades of the 20th century. In which country is it located?

3. In the DC Comics Universe, Power Girl is a cousin of which DC hero? Her stories are set in an alternative universe.

4. Created in 1973 by Lars and Henrik Hassing, the six-minute film En rejse til månen (“Journey to the Moon”) was the first-ever film made using which toys?

5. This 14th-century church tower is a tourist attraction in the northern part of which European country? Lake Resia is an artificial lake famous for its submerged church. PIC


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