Qwizzeria Daily #732

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1. In 2019, a mass grave was discovered containing the bones of 1,214 Holocaust victims in the centre of Brest, one of the first Soviet cities seized by the Nazis. In what modern-day country is Brest located?

2. Whose first title in professional tennis came on 4 February 2001, when he beat Julien Boutter to win the Milan Indoors as a 19-year-old?

3. In 1898, John F. O’Rourke received a US patent for this grooming device. In 1930, Col. Jacob Schick came up with the electric version. Soon, the Remington Rand corporation, Philips Laboratories and the modern electric version is credited to Roland Ullmann, who worked with Braun in Germany. What device?

4. Halitosis was an unknown medical term for bad breath made famous by a hygiene brand. Many ads were created highlighting the harmful effects of Halitosis and cited as a reason for divorce. Which brand ad highlighted Halitosis?

5. The 2018 logo for the Eurovision Song Contest held in what city? (Picture)


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