Qwizzeria Daily #730

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Good luck!


1. World Emoji Day is celebrated on 17 July – that date was picked as it is the date displayed on most emoji calendars. But which emoji is the most used according to Emojipedia?

2. One of the 22 Major Arcana and sometimes numbered as 0 (the first) or XXII (the last), the Fool is one of the 78 cards in what type of deck of cards?

3. Dominic Toretto’s now immortal motto that he lived his life “a quarter mile at a time” refers to how he lived from car race to car race. In which movie franchise does he play a central role since 2001?

4. This Hungarian dish is prepared with meat, traditionally beef, simmered in a rich paprika-infused broth, alongside onions, bell peppers, various spices, and other vegetables What dish?

5. Macaroons came to Paris from Italy courtesy of which queen of France from 1547 to 1559 by marriage to King Henry II? (PIC)


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