Qwizzeria Daily #721

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1. Bob Berner is credited with the invention and invented the key to switch from one code to another. The key was retained even after the codes were standardised. Identify this key which is still present in the modern keyboard?

2. In 1557, Julius Scaliger wrote the Spanish explorers in Mexico had found a substance that did not melt at high temperatures and did not rust. It is the first known European reference to what metal, whose atomic number is 78?

3. This online community featured artwork, videography and photography was launched in 2000, and over the years, it built up a vast social network and was sold to Wix in 2017 in a $36 million deal. What online site?

4. In 2016, which location-based augmented reality game took the world by storm was released for Android and iOS on July 6 and was downloaded more than 10 million times within the first week, thereby becoming the fastest growing app in history?

5. This Swiss naturalist Konrad ______ was one of the first to catalogue (with colourful drawings and accuracy) all the world’s animals in his five-volume Historiae Animalium. The herbal garden at the Old Botanical Garden in Zurich is named after him. Who? – PIC


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