Qwizzeria Daily #719

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1. La Movida was a counterculture movement that flourished in the 1980s during the reign of Enrique Tierno Galvan as the city’s mayor. In which city?

2. Advance to Boardwalk, Don’t Go to Jail, and Free Parking are some of the spin-offs of which board game?

3. On 10 June 1981, Sebastian Coe set a world record in which athletics event in Florence with a time of 1:41.73? It has since been bettered twice by Wilson Kipketer and David Rudisha.

4. What liqueur originating from Saronno takes its name from the Italian for ‘a little bitter’?

5. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) was a 2012 song and the lead single of the album The Truth About Love. Which American singer was involved in this project? (Pic)


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