Qwizzeria Daily #702

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Good luck!


1. Which company’s Foreign Extra Stout was first brewed to an 1801 recipe for export?

2. According to IMDB, which actor was the first to win a major Oscar for his role in a superhero movie?

3. Before becoming a preacher at the Gross Münster church in Zurich, he was a priest in Glarus and Einsiedeln. After the Affair of the Sausages, he became at the forefront of the Swiss Reformation movement. Who?

4. Argon, Helium, Krypton, Neon, Xenon and ……which other element is missing from ‘Group 18’ of the periodic table?

5. What French high fashion luxury goods company has the following logo? It was established in 1837 and named after its founder. (PIC) 


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