Qwizzeria Daily #691

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Here is the link for today’s quiz, the 691st edition of Qwizzeria Daily. And, if you need questions (in the text) for yesterday’s quiz, scroll down.


Good luck!


1. Which animal born in zoos overseas remains the property of China?

2. In 2021, which country’s Prosperity Party, led by ruling PM Abiy Ahmed, won general elections in a landslide amid the Tigray confrontation?

3. Diabetic retinopathy, amblyopia, and strabismus are all ailments affecting which organ of the human body?

4. Which famous Roman emperor died in AD 14, leaving behind a political, social and economic legacy for the next few centuries?

5. You’re My Greatest Love is the opening theme of which sitcom, created and starring Jackie Gleason? (PIC)


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