Qwizzeria Daily #689

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Here is the link for today’s quiz, the 689th edition of Qwizzeria Daily. And, if you need questions (in the text) for yesterday’s quiz, scroll down.


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1. In April 2021, which musician re-recorded and re-released her second album, Fearless? The initial album was released in 2008.

2. This car, produced by the British Motor Corporation from 1959, ceased its operations in 2000. However, the car manufacturer (the present owners) retained the brand name of the car as a part of the deal. Which car brand?

3. He co-invented the ‘rubber hose deniable encryption’ concept used in cryptography. He wrote ‘Surfraw’, a command-line interface to search engines. And he contributed to the book: Underground: Tales of Hacking, Madness and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier. His claim to fame was through an organisation he initiated in 2006. Who?

4. Jacques Chessex, a Swiss author and painter, wrote a novel called L’Ogre in French in the 1970s. One of the objects mentioned in the book is that of a real fountain, Kindlifresserbrunnen. In which Swiss city do you find this?

5. This poster was published in 1910, criticising a country’s prohibition of which alcohol drink? (picture)


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