Qwizzeria Daily #663

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Here is the link for today’s quiz, the 663rd edition of Qwizzeria Daily. And, if you need questions (in the text) for yesterday’s quiz, scroll down.


Good luck!


1. Which city will host the 2024 Summer Olympics, thereby will mark the 100 years of hosting the Summer Olympics in 1924?

2. Two US states are bordered by eight states, the most. One is Missouri, which is the other state?

3. The exploits of Thomas Edward _________ as a liaison during World War I inspired what 1962 movie that won the Best Picture Oscar?

4. In 2004, a mermaid statue was draped in a burqa in a protest against Turkey’s application to join the European Union. In which city did this protest take place?

5. Born in 1992, which American singer, actress and producer voice the character of Mavis in the Hotel Transylvania? (PIC)


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